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  1. Hi -- I am a LPN with a M. A. in Holistic Health field. I am 28 nursing credits short of RN and hope to achieve that in near future. I have been in the Holistic Health field for over 30 years. I remember the first Holistic Health conference in North America in San Francisco! I recently moved to Gainesville, GA (north, central) and will be doing some traditional nursing as well as building my Holsitic nursing practice. Any suggestions? I have an office in my basement and lovely therapy room upstairs. The Health store has requested I set up appts. there on Saturdays, too. PRN Nursing (long term facilties and private duty) were abundant until a month ago and now very hard to find.. I am planning a radio show on Health and Vitality with local college station that is received in about 1/2 the state. I look forward to dialoging with you..
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