Hiya! i'm a NEWBIE!! :D

  1. Hi everyone, i'm new here, obviously. i am the single mum of 2 . i am currently in college to eventualy get my RN degree. *sigh*
    ok, i am 36, i live in NW ohio. i despise snow & ice. **yeah, i was one of those folks without power during the icestrom we had this winter . unlike most, i had a blast during it, then again i was one o them that are more or less prepared for just such emergencies. ** not real fond of ohio only here cause me mum is here. when she cross's over i plan to move south. maybe kentucky, tennesee, missouri ..nice thunderstorms there which i adore. not to hip on tonado's but storms rock!! arizona isn't out of the realm of possibility
    i have several hobbies, one of which is guitar, i just started last qrtr so...it might take me a bit, but i AM making headway !! i love to read all kinda of books, i write fan fiction for my fave tv's shows books, movies as well as poetry. i listen to, sing and play music. no offense to anyone here, but the 2 music types i despise are rap & country..to me they are 2 sides of the same coin, pissin an whining to a good base beat and rythm. lsitening to either makes my teeth itch.
    i love to camp, *BOOYAH!! tentin it baby!!*, love to hike, fish,. i am an AVID reenacter. medeival to be precise..SCA!! all my costumes i sew by hand because 1. i can sew faster by hand, and 2. sewing machines tend to implode when i so much as glance at them!! i like to do kneedlework as well as knitting. i am "of an alternate religious path" or so i am told. i figure whatever your deity, live right , treat people like you want to be treated, and all will be well.
    i am truly fascinated by the abiltiy to do things "the old fashioned way" in my mind pre electricity, hence my families comfort during the ice storm. i am also interested in survivlism.
    crud...what else...oh, my kids? one is a "special needs" child, while the youngest is a "gifted child" either way, life in our house tends to be a barrel of monkeys.. our families motto is "WE HAVE ADVENTURE!!"
    nice to meet you all!!
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    Hello Scarlet and welcome to allnurses!
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    Welcome! I live in Illinois and I want to move south too! This never-ending winter crap is for the birds!!!! I can't think of one activity that I enjoy to do outside in the winter!!!!

    In any case, welcome to the boards!!!!! :flowersfo
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    Welcome to All Nurses