1. Hi all glad to be here, well lets see I live in Manchester England and have decided to go back to what I always wanted to do which was nursing (I know big suprise!!). I have just applied for 3 health care assistant posts at my nearest university hospital and have my fingers crossed. I am a bit nervous though as I don't think I will pass the ocupational health assesment..... you see I fractured L4 & L5 when I was 19 (now 29) and this gives me occasional back pain. I have heard that they are unlikley to take me on because of this as ther is real risk of time off due to strain on my back.
    I really want this and have never felt so right about anything (well maybe my son) ever. Any advice on this or people who are working or seeking employment with conditions/old injuries would be much appreciated.:spin:
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    Check out the UK forum plenty of stuff there
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    I wish you the best of luck. I hope you get all those jobs you applied for!
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    Thank you :


    For making me feel right at home. Got my information packs from the NHS about the career choices I asked for I am soooooooooooo excited.:Present1: it was like opening a present lol.
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    Well I am back on the threads now have been AWOL forabout a year as had to put everything on hold as little one was quite poorly and had to have two ops only small ones but hey bif to me and him (he was 4 at the time and VERY good about it all) . Am now in a position where I am aplying to college for the Uk equvilant of the pre-nursing exam, have already started reading some good books (Nursing practice hospital and home 3rd edition) and making flash cards!! I wont start till September but am already looking a volunteering again to get me back into the swing of things. I hope this post finds everyone safe and well and at least a little sane !!! LOL xxxx
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    Welcome back and good luck on your journey and glad little un is doing well now
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