Hi Yall!

  1. Hi just registered so I wanted to say Hi Yall

    Little about myself: Going on my 12th year of nursing. I love my job but plan on quitting just about everyday(just joking) I have worked in all fields just about. I am an agency nurse and have been most of my career. I have done some Home Health, just got out of that in the last 6 months and I think I have gotten it out of system. (No more massive paper work.) I am currently on a contract surgical floor. I enjoy it. 12 hours are long but I dont mind too much. My sister emailed me this site yesterday (she is a nurse also) and I love it. I always have her as my sound board but I never thought to look on the net for one..
    Ok well that is it!!

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    Hiya Lisa! Glad you joined us!
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    Nice to meet you!