hi to everyone

  1. Hi my name is Dawn and new to this site!
    i have worked in Dementia care for 18 years now as an Enrolled nurse, am hoping to move to OZ with BUPA and work in dementia in a home there, can anyone tell me what its like in a nursing home with a dementia unit compared to the UK?
    i run my own shift at the moment and employed as a nursing sister...quite like to go to Queensland just started applying to the QNC would love to talk to anyone about their expieriences
    love Dawn xx :spin:icon_roll
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    Hi Dawn

    Have you checked out the Australian forum found in the International forum under the region tab?
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    Hi Dawn, glad to have you join us here at allnurses. What is an Enrolled Nurse?
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    I can answer this one as I was one

    Enrolled nurse did 2 years of training and could be said to be something similar to LPN although in the UK a EN is completely responsible for their own actions and did a lot of things in the same way as a RN with just a few exceptions like checking controlled drugs, and ward management although unofficially they could manage a ward and at times did so. We did admissions, assessments, administration of medication (used to be we couldn't give IV though) blood transfusions, teaching and discharge to name a few jobs I did. Many have the opportunity to bridge to RN and I did so after 9 years as a EN