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  1. I'm new here. I am a hopefully future nursing student. I've done medical transcription for ten years, had carpal tunnel releases, and my hands still can't handle repetitive motion. So, I need to move on. I really want to stay in the health care industry...BAD. I've been an EMT and loved it very much. I'm jobless right now, so I've been volunteering at a local nursing home with hospice and Alzheimer's patients. Very rewarding, to say the least!

    My question for all you nurses is this...in your opinion, could someone who has trouble with repetitive motion (i.e. typing) successfully handle a nursing career? My grip and strength are good...it's just the repetitive stuff that drives me nuts. My goal is to be an RN and do hospice and/or home health. What are the basic physical demands for something like that?

    If I need to post these questions somewhere else, please let me know. In advance, I sincerely appreciate any advice you have to offer!
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi MamaT...I would post your question in the general nursing discussion forum to get more answers! Welcome!
  4. by   J Lynn
    I don't recall doing any repeatitive motions so far. If you are already doing volunteer work, you should have no problem performing nursing tasks.