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  1. Hey All,

    Just wanted to say hi! I found this site a few days ago and just observed. I think it is very helpful to all nurses from students to retirees. I am currently working as a pediatric psych nurse. Very rewarding as well as challenging. I work with kids from age 5 to 18. Anyway, I am glad that I made the decision to join and hope I can be of help to anyone. Take Care !
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  3. by   crazirn
    I also just joined. We all have our specialties and I envy yours. Mine is ICU, nurse manager. I took the position a year ago and it has challenged me to the max. NIce to meet you.
  4. by   joyflnoyz
    Welcome to you both! Enjoy the ride
  5. by   Tweety
    Nice to meet you. Welcome to Allnurses!