Hi nursing student here...

  1. my name is gabrielle and im currently in my 2nd semester in nursing school. I have so many questions and it is nice to have a place to go.

    my first problem is this...
    thursday i had my clinical comp. and i was advised that i did not pass it because of an air bubble in my IV line. i am currently fighting this. I work in an ER and asked several drs and nurses if this would have been an issue, they advised me no and that if a patient would have been at risk like a critially ill pt that they would have been on a pump anyways.

    what do you think?? how much air would you say would cause an air emboli...not an 1 inch air bubble right??? want stinks is that i have an A average after killing myself parttime for 3 years with a daughter at home and now i get this.
    any input is greatly thanked!!
    look forward to talking to all of you!!!!
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  3. by   Energizer Bunny
    Hi Gabrielle and welcome. You might want to post this in the "general nursing" forum or in the "students" forum. I am a student as well. I start my first semester in the nursing program in the fall, though I have taken some pre-req's.
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    ps...i cant figure out this site...i tried to post in general fourm....it went to the front page...any ideas??? thanks!!!