Hi! Newly licensed RN from Tennessee!

  1. So I've checked out allnurses.com all through Nursing School but for some reason it never clicked in my head I should join until after I had graduated! lol

    I've worked as a fast food manager for a little over 4 years when I decided I needed to go back to school (fast food does NOT pay the bills people! lol) Went to my local community college, still working between part time and full time at my fast food restaurant (my boss was great at working around my crazy school/clinical schedule!) Graduated on May 11 of this year with my ASN, passed the NCLEX earlier this month (75 questions on first attempt! Woop Woop!) and got my RN license number last Friday! Now I'm doing that super awesome (j/k) full time job hunting.

    I love reading the posts on here, ya'll are so helpful! Glad to know I have some awesome nurses to turn to if I need ya!
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  3. by   silverbat
    Welcome to our crazy world and to AN!!!! Best wishes with job hunting!