Hi! Newbie at the Texas Medical Center!

  1. I can already tell how helpful and insightful this sight will be for me! (Fun, too!) I'm a new nurse, graduated in May from a BSN program in LA. Came back home to Houston, and I got a job at the Texas Medical Center. It's awesome here! So many huge, wonderful hospitals all in one place! So much research, cutting edge technology, etc. going on around me! I started in the Transplant/Surgical ICU in August after completing a new grad internship designed for those going straight into an ICU. It helped tons, but I learned the most during my preceptorship.

    I'm 23, not married, no kids (but soon-to-be-engaged!) I plan on staying here for a total of two years and proceding to grad school. I have learned so much already, but I have SO MUCH MORE to absorb! I hope to get into one of the CRNA programs here in Houston (Baylor or UT) so I don't have to move...but I know it's quite competetive. Any advice for this process would be much appreciated! (Which organizations to participate in, classes to take, things to study, etc.) Also, if any of you have actually gone through the interview process, insight would be great!!

    Thanks for taking the time to read my thread!! Happy New Year to all!!
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  3. by   cesRN
    Welcome! I also live in Houston and the Texas Medical Center is so huge, I think it has its own zip code.

    I volunteered at MD Anderson for a bit and am now a PreNursing student at N. Harris. Hopefully I'll get accepted after I'm through with my last pre-reqs.

    Happy New Year!
  4. by   maymay281
    Cool! Yeah, it's huge! Where do you want to get accepted? Lots of my friends from The Woodlands (graduated HS there) take/took classes at MoCo. It's great!
  5. by   cesRN
    I'm currently attending N. Harris main campus for my pre-reqs. I'm taking Micro, Nutrition, Sociology, and psych this semester. We start on the 16th can't wait.

    I'll go to any school that accepts me , adn or bsn. UT Health Science center would be awesome, but I wouldn't mind an ADN program at one of the community colleges. I'll apply to all of them once time comes around.
  6. by   Tweety
    Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourself. Welcome!