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    hi everyone- this is my first post. i'm so glad that i found this site. i cant believe how huge it is. i am currently finishing my pre- reqs to get into riverside regional medical center's rn program. i am planning to enroll in the evening program, and plan to start in january 06. i am a former health and sex ed teacher with three children ages 3,4, and 11. i resigned from my teaching job last year and have been taking one class a semester in order to complete the pre reqs that i didnt yet have. i am really interested to talk to someone who is currently in riverside's evening program. i am really excited to begin. i was coordinator of volunteers at riverside's hospice for 2 years before decideing to utilize my teaching degree and that , along with working as a secretary in an er trauma unit is where i got the nursing bug. i'm glad i finally decided to go for it. i'm looking forward to exchanging information with everyone.
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