Hi, new and happy to be a nurse

  1. Hello! I am reaaly new to this. I graduated in August and am taking my boards on October 16th. Kinda afraid but I am ready for this. I've worked too hard this last year to get this far and fail. I am working at a hospital on Med/Surg floor and love it. It's a small hospital that is capable of great things. I'm learning a lot through hands on experience and am working with a great preceptor that is patient and understanding. She takes the time to explain things to me and lets me do things. She also answers all of my questions even if I have asked them before. It's really great. SO I want to tell everyone if I can do this anyone can do this. Hang in there and keep smiling!!:spin:
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    There is a NCLEX forum on here. https://allnurses.com/forums/f197/ here is the link. It's in the student forum. Study hard and Good luck!!!
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    welcome and good luck
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    Congratulations. Welcome to Allnurses!