Hi, My name is Terry R.N. 11 yrs, Disk Herniation Ruining My Life

  1. Thanks for providing such a wonderful site. I have been off work since June 30th 2003 after injuring myself helping patient back to bed. Workman's comp and the rest of the situation in general has been a nightmare. I feel so isolated I can't describe it. I see many others that seem to have the same problem. It's not easy when you have 10 patients, 2 confused and climbing over the rails. 1 getting 2 UPRBC, covering an LPN with her own Pt Load, 2 fresh post ops, a discharge and an admission. No choice in pt load because were short staffed. But we all know that story. Can't imagine why nursing would be hard on your back. I would love to here from anyone with any input. I was in process of going from R.N. ADN to R.N. MSN For NP when this happened. If I keep getting treated the way I am now, I fear I and my family will wind up homeless. One year ago I could have never imagined myself in this position. I have come to find that money is king and stonewalling is the norm. You would think they would do everything possible to help you get back to being a productive nurse. But instead it seems they would simply like me to dissapear. I have had a lawyer since the very beginning and I will soon have my first visit to a "Workman's Comp Physician". :uhoh21: I feel like my whole life is on the line and it most probably is. What do I say and do at this first visit. My neurosurgeon told me my injury is so severe that I will never be able to perform as I did prior to the event.

    Lost in Illinois

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  3. by   Blackcat99
    Sorry to hear about your severe back problems. Have you been examined or received any treatments from a chiropractor? I have had chronic back problems and the only way I have been able to get rid of my pain is chiropractor treatments. Best of luck to you.
  4. by   nursejudy15209
    Back pain can contribute to emotional pain and it sounds as you have reached the end of your rope. Having experienced loss of work due to a herniated disc, I sympathasize with your situation. There are no magic words or advice, only to take care of yourself and be in charge of your treatment. Surgery is the treatment I initiated and that allowed me to live again and have been pretty much free to pursue my hobbies. my work and education. Looking back, it was not an easy road, but the outcome was the best possible. From that point on, I try and take care of my back as much as possible, but in the nursing profession, it's easy to forget just how fragile we can be and it only takes one tug, one patient, one wrong move and it's back to square one.

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  5. by   Butternut
    I get so much relief from traction. The last facility that helped used heat for 15 min., traction 15 min. and then ice 15 min.

    I have degenerative disc disease and several bulging discs. When the severe spell gets better I then use back strengthening and stretching exercises here at home. I have not had a treatment since spring of last year.

    When I feel that I have hurt my back again, I immediately put a reusable ice pack, wrapped in a light towel in my waistband (on the spine) in the back and just leave it there until it is no longer cold.
  6. by   ang75
    I am so sorry you are having such a tough time.

    I have degenerative disc disease and bulged a disc once. I was on MONGO steroids for quite a while. It did help a lot but...
    I became a serious witch and began to look like a potbellied pig. Now, I am pregnant and will soon look like a potbellied pig again.
    What is your docs next plan? Try seeing a DO. As well as medicine, they also do manipulations. Just a suggestion. GET CLEARANCE FROM THE DOC FIRST!!
    How bout something on the administrative level? I know it's not the same, but is it an option?
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    welcome! sorry to read what you are going through.