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  1. hello, all!!! how are you? my name is tameika and i am in the mississippi area. i have always wanted to become a nurse and 2008, i will begin pursuing that dream. i have already started the registration process at hinds. an online buddy told me about this site and i can't wait to meet you all to get ideas, give ideas and just see what nursing is all about. if there are any mississippi nurses out there, don't hesitate to contact me. you may be able to get me ready for this journey. i guess that is enough about me. can't wait to get acquainted with you all.
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    Welcome to these forums!
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    Welcome and good luck!
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    Hi Tameika, welcome to allnurses!!
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    Thanks for the warm welcome. Looking forward to learning new things and meeting new people. Be blessed, MEEK!!!!
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