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    Since this is my first foray into Blogging on my First Blog Site, I thought sharing my biography would be a good day 2 start. My name is Susan M. Turner; I liked to be called Susie. I am 50 years old, turned the Big 50 on Thanksgiving Day! I am the mother of 3 wonderful children and the grandmother of 8 beautiful grandchildren. I have been in nursing since 1992. I began as a single mother and continued my education as I could. 1st my LPN, then my ASN, then my BSN. I was previously enrolled in an MSN Program right after my BSN about 8 years ago but had due to withdraw due to illness related to being diagnosed with Addison’s disease.

    I am originally from Kentucky. Born in Fort Thomas, raised in Alexandria as a child then later in Florence. I moved out to Arizona at about 12 with my mother, but returned to KY later. I now live St. Petersburg, FL. I have 3 cats that are the other objects of my love. Jet, Midnight and Shadow. Jet is the newest, kitten, kind of a teen ager now. The other 2 are spoiled beyond spoiled.

    My focus is in Nursing Education, with the ultimate goal of becoming an online Educator for a Nursing Program in a University or College. I enjoy teaching and my colleagues always liked my educational tactics as a Preceptor, and I have worked as an Adjunct Clinical Instructor in an LPN Program for a year and absolutely fell in love with teaching. I am happy to be nearing the end of this long MSN journey and look forward to beginning my next leg of this trip towards my, Doctorate in Education in Organizational Leadership with a Focus on Healthcare Administration.

    As I stated I started out as an LPN, I originally began in LTC, then after a couple of years I went to Pediatric Home Health Care. After I moved to FL I went to Skilled Nursing and Hospice Home Health. Once I decided to become an RN I wanted to learn all I could about different areas because I knew I wanted to become an instructor eventually, and I wanted to have a good experience base. I did not job hop, I spent several years in each position, some overlapping. I worked in an Endoscopy Center for a few years for one GI doctor until his wife, an Oncologist in the next-door office interested me in becoming a Chemotherapy Nurse. She hand trained me, and was a great inspiration. After a few years in her office, I really wanted Acute Care experience, so I went to the Hospital across the street and was hired as a PCU/Neuro Nurse, after 5 years, and while concurrently teaching in an LPN Program as an adjunct Clinical Instructor, I accepted a position as a Clinical Coordinator for the Med/Surg. Unit and also helped run the Chemotherapy Program. I believe this range of experience give me a better understanding of some of the different types of nursing that are available to nurses, and overall the experiences will help in shaping the instructor I want to be.

    I am currently set to start a new position with Humana as a WAH (Work at Home) Care manager, so excited! Perfect for my life as after 24 years of being an active and physical or Hands on Nurse I am now a homebound disabled nurse due to the progressive nature of an Autoimmune Disease called Addison’s. I also have herniated discs in my neck and lower back, which have resulted in severe physical limitations in my ability to even do the simplest of self-care tasks. This did result in a severe depression and anxiety. I became isolated, and feared life was truly over. But I was able to rise up from the ashes.
    How? You may ask. [/FONT] Because of faith, perseverance and shear will! Also because of those around me who love me and could empathize the situation, we were facing. They lifted me up when I was so down I thought I could never lift my head up again! I am so thankful for everyone in my life who were not willing to give up on me or let me give up!

    Lastly but extremely important, I am also the newest Ambassador for the Florida Chapter of SMYS (Show Me Your Stethoscope). I utilize this role to Inspire, Advocate and Support Nurses and issues important to Nurses. We at SMYS are over 700,000 members strong with over 850 members in Florida! There are over 3.4 Million Nurses Nationwide! Join us!! Nurses Unite!!!
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