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  1. Hello there! I'm new here and am hoping to make it into a nursing program at MCC in Michigan this fall. It may be a long shot since the competition is extremely tough but I'm going to bust my but trying!!! Anyone have any advice on the HESI A2 entrance exam? I'm really nervous about it.
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  3. by   Anne36
    Hi, I'm in MI too. I'm not even in school yet, but like to visit here for info and inspirartion. Are you already working in medical area? How long till you find out if you got into program?
  4. by   novak87
    Hi Anne36 I'm not actually in the nursing program yet either. I start next month with my pre req's. For MCC we have to take a pre entrance exam called the HESI A2 and we need aprox a 95 and a 4.0 to get into the nursing program. They say they have aprox 1000 people competing for 120 spots so it's really tough to get in. I come here to get info & encouragement too. Whatever it takes, right? Where are you going?
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    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you in all that you do.
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    Welcome to All Nurses!