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  1. Hi! This website is so informative, I decided to become official and join. I am set to start my RN Internship on Jan. 22nd and I am excited but really nervous at the same time! I graduated in June 2005 and failed the NCLEX my first try. This failure set me back because I was a good student in school (graduated with a 3.4 g.p.a) and I THOUGHT I was prepared for this exam. As a result, I wrestled with my decision to even be a nurse and I took a break for a year. Prior to entering nursing school, I was a stay-at-home mom of two, so I definitely kept busy during that year off. Anyway, I recently took the exam again in November of this year and passed successfully! Now I am nervous about working because I have been out of the loop for a while now. Because I was a non-traditional student in school, I did not work as a Patient Care Tech while in school because I had a family. My experience came from clinicals. Now I am wondering if I should have worked as a PCT and will this hinder me now that I am about to work as an RN? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! :spin:
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    Thanks for making an introduction. I'm getting Deja Vu here and am guessing you posted the same thing elsewhere. LOL

    Best wishes!