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  1. Hi, I'm a new nurse and have been working full time on the night shift since graduating in May. I thought passing boards was going to the last hurdle in the journey of becoming a registered nurse. Boy, was I wrong. I love being an RN, but I feel at times that I'm struggling to but into practice all of the things that I learned in school. I'm horribly afraid of missing something that I should know that could be critical in the care of my patients. I'm working in the med/surg of a local hospital and have a great support group of nurses to help me when I need it. I decided to search for a nursing organization to help me with my nursing skills and to be able to communicate with nurses who might be or have gone through similiar situations. I'm an excited new member and hope to get to know other nurses who have great ideas and advice on how to become the nurse's we all want to be!
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    Hi! Welcome to Allnurses! I hope by now you've found the First Year In Nursing forum here. Many people there feel just as you do. https://allnurses.com/forums/f224/