Hi, I'm BACK!

  1. Hello, I'm back!

    Anyone miss me?

    Anyone REMEMBER me?

    Seriously, it's been a long time since I dropped off the Allnurses radar!

    So, what's been happening in my life? Well, I quit my homecare nursing job, and for awhile, was doing healthcare aid/home helper type work, while I wrestled with the emotional aftermath of too many funerals in too short a time. I really enjoyed it, too, and many of my clients became like family to me.

    I have now moved north, to Sundridge, Ontario. I haven't worked since moving, but am thinking of going back into homecare. Then, I remember those days when a nice, comfortable patient load suddenly exploded into a totally unmanageable mess, which had me screaming at the office to get me the paperwork for the latest admission RIGHT NOW, and driving from one side of our nursing territory to the other, and I go, "hmmm...."

    This area is very under-serviced medically. There are 2 doctors in town, and one nurse practitioner. I applied to become a patient of one of the doctors in mid-December, and was only approved at the end of January. I STILL haven't seen anyone...my appointment with the NP was cancelled this week due to the weather. Since she only works part time, I can't get into see her until this coming Tuesday! Maybe I should take the NP course, and help her out! You can't even get in to see her without waiting at least a week! Heaven help you if you're really sick...you'd have to drive 50 km. to Huntsville and go to the Urgent Care clinic there, which, incicentally, is slated to be CLOSED sometime soon!

    Wow, has this site ever changed! I hardly recognize it! I've spent the last hour exploring and checking stuff out. Also updated my e-mail, and emptied my PM box so I can actually receive messages now. Kudos to Brian and the staff for constantly upgrading and improving the site. It just looks AWESOME!
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Welcome back
  4. by   Tweety
    Hi Jay-Jay! Of course I remember you. You were a great moderator back in a day.
  5. by   sirI
    Hi, Jay-Jay!!!!!!!!!!

    It is so good seeing you again. Sounds as if you've made some changes.

    Hope you are well.
  6. by   traumaRUs
    Hi JayJay and welcome. Of course I remember you....you are wonderfully supportive and a great addition to the site.
  7. by   Jay-Jay
    Hello, SilverDragon! Lots of new faces here....can't say I remeber you, but thanks for the greetings!

    Hi, Tweety, thanks for the compliment! And yes, I certainly remember you, too, as well as Trauma and sirI! Good to see you all.

    I'm sure you're wondering, why move so far north? (Sundridge is referred to as the "Near North", meaning it's not all that far north of Torono (aka 'the centre of the universe', or 'the most hated city in Canada', depending on where you live).

    Here's some pictures of the area: http://s14.photobucket.com/albums/a3...ver/Sundridge/


    Yes, I'm finding the winter a little rough, but I'm still getting intergrated into the community. I do have one really good friend here, who actually prompted the move. (See the sailing pictures...that's her and her sailboat.) We lived together for about 5 years, and were together when Roger was courting me, so we go back a long way, and share a lot of memories. Having one good friend here counts for a lot, and I am working hard at making others. It's not as hard in a small town as it is in the city.

    I am also sharing the house I bought here with another single lady. She has a 20 year old son, who was living with us, up until he was in a horrible MVA back in December. He was thrown out of the car, and rolled 150 yards down the highway. He survived, but lost his right leg, and damaged his left one. He is now in rehab in Toronto, and doing very well. We look forward to having him return home. His tiny basement apartment here is well suited to an amputee. He doesn't have to go up or down any stairs to get into it. We'll just have to make some modifications to the bathroom to make it more accessible for him.

    Anyway, it's SO good not to be alone anymore! Four years of it was about all I could handle...
  8. by   Jay-Jay
    okay, i've turned blue! what does that mean?
  9. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi Jay-Jay :wlcmblks: Back!

    Thanks for updating us . . . . wishing your friend's son the best. I have a 24 year old who has been in 4 accidents - one very bad - and only had stitches. I worry all the time about him.

    Thanks for the photos too.

  10. by   leslie :-D
    oh my goodness, you're back!

    so good to hear from you.
    sounds like you've had a rough time of it, but are finding your way home.

    i remember and loved your posts...
    and am so happy to see you here.

  11. by   HM2VikingRN
    Welcome back...Prodigal sheep do eventually return....
  12. by   caliotter3
    Nice to see you again. back!
  13. by   extrafort
    Hi! there,
    Dont know where to post ( i am new here ) n start a new thread. For nurses ppreparing for NCLEX .. there is a Bootcamp starting end of april at niagara falls , Ontario. For more info.. e-mail @ hrally@yahoo.com.


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