Hi Im new and a total beginner :uhoh21:

  1. Hello! my name is Skli and Im a student nurse frome Sweden (Malm) I just found this wounderfull place, and im slowly lerning how it works.
    So hello every body!
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  3. by   scots_nurse_wannabe
    Hi! Welcome to Allnurses. I hope you have fun learning about this site. Oh, and if you don't understand something, don't be afraid to ask. Everyone on this site is so very helpful!
  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Welcome to All Nurses
  5. by   USA987
    Welcome to Allnurses! From a nurse in Illinois, USA!!!
  6. by   z's playa
    Welcome to allnurses! Tres cool to see all you folks from all over the world!!!! :hatparty:
  7. by   Peachy720
    Hi Skuli (sorry, couldn't figure out how to put the apostrophe over the "u." )
    Welcome to the All Nurses family!! :hatparty: