Hi, I just joined

  1. Hello, I've just joined and I have a few questions regarding an RPN in Ontario. If someone can help me out...
    I heard a rumor that if you would like to eventually want to go for an RN it will only be an additional 2 years instead of the 4 years Is it just a rumor? I heard that starting this January in some colleges it's being started. Am I just hoping? I know in the States it's possible.
    I am hopefully staring the diploma course for an RPN in Feburary and I would like to find out any helpful information. What you found to be hard. What kind of ups and downs have you experienced? Thanks
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    Once you get your LPN is indeed only a year or two more (depending on how many pre-reqs and co-reqs you need to take) to get your associated degree RN. The bachelor's degree obviously would be longer.

    Good luck!
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