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  1. Hello everyone.
    I am a new member who has been reading your boards for the past month or so, and find them so very informative, and interesting! I am currently restructuring my life to enter a LPN program. I have to go back to school first to obtain my academic 12, (I know, I should have been responsible when I was younger, but I was not, and now my desire to have a successful career is very strong for myself and my family). I hope to be posting here often, and reading lots of your posts. Are there many people out there who had to go through the first steps of obtaining their academic 12 as an adult student before entering the LPN program? If so, does anyone have any tips or advice for me? I will appreciate any input and advice and I am pretty much scared out of my wits with going back to school, but badly want to be successful in my career choice.

    Bye for now,

    momof2 in Nova Scotia Canada
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