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  1. Good morning everyone (It is Monday morning here in a cold New Zealand , In two weeks I start my pre nursing course. I am a older student (38) who has two teenage daughters who have left home and now is starting off a new career. I wanted to become a nurse years ago but put my family first (sort of had to) but now is my turn . This course which runs for 5 months gives me the chance to apply for the Bach of Nursing (which is 3 years) here in New Zealand.
    I have been following this website for the last few months (since I decided that nursing is what I wanted to do) and look forward to learn what others have to say and be able to interact with everyone here who has the same goal as me.
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    hi! i am almost done with nursing school (YAY!!) and although it has been one of the toughest things I have done (returning to school, no sleep, etc.), it is the most rewarding and interesting thing I have ever been involved in.

    It's hard work with long hours and alot of information, but I really enjoy the constant challenge, the patient interaction, and the reward I feel from being able to contribute to society in a better way than my last career.

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    [font="century gothic"]w░e░l░c░o░m░e to allnurses!
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    I know that I have not been on here for ages. I have completed a pre nursing course since last on here. I really enjoyed the course. I did find parts of it hard as quite a bit of it was information that I knew nothing about. At this current moment, I have a conditional spot on a Bach of Nursing degree. ( Needed to provide a med cert saying that I could study this year) Once the program leader gets this, then my spot becomes unconditional. Everyone is back at work on the 4th of Jan so I will be making a couple of phone calls on Wednesday afternoon.
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    Good luck Raewynv!

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