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  1. Hi, I am new under this screen name but I use to post under another name more than seven months ago and forgot my screen name and password. I am a 61 year old grandmother of three. A proud grandmother. I worked as an R.N. until 1988 when I had back surgery. In January of 1989 I was hit by a big rig and haven't work since. Last spring I suffered a spider bite and underwent an I & D. On July 1, I went into acute renal failure, spesis, pneumonia aand spent 21 days in ICU. I am now baCK ON MY FEET, KIDNEYS FUNCTIONING JUST FINE (woops sorry). And have moved into an apartment in an independent living facilty. I've dropped out of grad school and will most likely not return. On my day of admission to ICU, I recall hearing a nurse comment about a patient who had a K of 15. I remember thinking, 'poor woman, hope they get it down before she suffers from any cardiac problems. I didn't know it was me she was talking about:roll I've some very interesting memories of my stay in ICU. And some very postive memories of the excellent nursing care I received. To my old friends, it is great to be back. To my new friends, I am interested in meeting you guys.

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    Welcome back. Best wishes in all you do.