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  1. Hi Five from New York City,

    I got my feet wet into the nursing program last year ...after doing a few different things - figure skating instructor, production assistant, graphic designer. All fine and dandy but I wanted to go back to school and get into something for the long haul. I'm 38, single (and living at home with my parents.... again) and drowning in reading material for my second semester in the nursing program. Like many I'm sure I'm not the only one having to make sacrifices, big and small. But it's been done before and it can be done again, so they say.

    Lo and behold there's actually 11 out of 38 male students altogether. Which I think is terrific. But I have a great time getting to know each and everyone in the class.

    I'm trying to hang on to my wits and some humor through all this. Anyone from New York City or Jersey?
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  3. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Welcome to All Nurses
  4. by   dbsn00
    Welcome to allnurses fellow New Yorker (I'm in Rockland County)!
    So you're living with Mom & Dad again & going to school at the same time...
    Well, hang in there, it'll be worth it when all is said & done.
    Good luck!