Hi!!! everyone new hr...

  1. Hi...im just a new graduate BSN... dont know wat to do ...im trying to look for my nclex result but unfortunately the result was not yet available i try to find some info about hw to get quick result but no answers yet...so i try to keep in touch to anybody who has the same situation like mine coz nobody knows that i took the test coz i dnt want to put a big deal out of it...if i pass thats the tym im gonna tell them that im an RN ryt now im not an official RN...yet...hoping and praying for the good result...thanxs everyone wish me luck....
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Waiting for NCLEX results can be very aggravating.

    You're post is very hard to read because it's not in complete words with the correct spelling. You don't have to write in a text-message style here. We don't charge by the letter. (cos, dnt, tym, ryt, etc would be easier to read spelled out. Just a friendly hint.)