Hi everyone!! :) I'm a student

  1. Hi everyone!! Very nice to finally post on this website. I'm currently trying to get into an accelerated BSN program near San Franicsco. I've got a bachelors degree in molecular and cell biology and was considering going to med school for a while, but decided to go to nursing school instead. I'd like to get a masters degree in nursing and get my N.P. license. I want to do an accelerated BSN b/c I've heard it is much easier to get into a masters program if you've already got an RN. Plus, I want to see if it's really what I want since I have no experience in the field. I strayed away from med school because although I love the science part of it, I feel it's to narrow of a focus and that the healing process involves more than just biology. I am wondering if anyone has any feedback on the idea of going for an accelerated BSN to work as an RN for a couple years and then trying to get my Masters?:spin:
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Welcome to the site! Sounds like you have a good plan. While there are exceptions, most NP programs do require both a BSN and one or more years of work experience as an RN.
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    That sounds like the best plan for you right now. Good luck!

    Welcome to Allnurses!