Hi everyone.. I'm new here

  1. Hello, I'm new to this site. I'm about to graduate as an LPN in 2 months. I am confused because my teacher said that all nurses should have a specialty. I am interested in Maternal/infant but most hospitals here dont hire LPN's. Should I work at a ob/gyn to gain more experience and go back to school??? HELP, I'm confused
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  3. by   Tweety
    If you want an area that hires RNs, obviously you should go back to school. But you could get your experience in med-surg while you're doing it, although ob/gyn is a good place to be also. Some areas use LPNs in post-partum.

    Good luck!
  4. by   nurseangel47
    It'd be great for your overall nursing bag of skills to try to do that almost prerequisite year of med/surg in a hospital. HOWEVER, it is possible to choose and be specialty trained for a specific area. What your instructor told you really isn't true. At least, I haven't found it to be true. Maybe she/he meant since you're an LPN? I don't know. Never heard it put quite like that before. LTC is not quite as busy and hectic as med/surg in hospitals these days. Crazy in it's own sense, but not as stressful in that you aren't trying so hard to intervene and "save" pts.,...the LTC folks are gonna die where they live. So....that's one of the biggies that I feel is different regarding LTC...