Hi everyone I am new here..how is everyone

  1. I just wanted to say that it is great to have a website like this.
    Let me tell you a little about myself. I started my nursing career late in life. I graduated from LVN school at age 41. Then I started working for a surgery center, ambulatory center, 5 years ago.
    At age 48 I am starting to think that maybe I should try for my RN, but was basically discouraged when I overheard a crna (certified registerd
    nurse anesthesiologist ) talking to someone else, that women my age (I was 43 then) had not business becoming RN's. I knew that it had nothing to do with my capabilities as a LVN. Maybe 48 is a bit too old(?) I dont look my age
    The strange part of it all is that he discouraged me to become an RN, but at the same time he does expect me to step up to the plate to do RN duties.
    Like one day I was left with 10 patients in the PACU, half of the patients had sedation, and half of them had to be discharged. Two of the patients had arthroscopies. How do you like that???
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  3. by   Ted
    Hello and welcome! Glad you found this web site.

    I firmly believe that you're never too old for any kind of learning. I think you'll find a lot of second career LPN's, RN's and nursing students here. My wife is finishing her last semester as a second career nursing student. She graduates this May! (YEA! :hatparty: ) She is 41 years old, and she is one of the YOUNGER students in her evening class. If you have an interest and a desire for further studies, don't let age hold you back.

    When I graduated from nursing college in 1992, I was 32 years old. I was one of the younger student back then. There was one fellow nursing student who, at that time, was laid off as an IBM employee. IBM was "kind" enough to pay for her "re-education" to another career (I think it would have been "kinder" NOT to lay her off, but that's another topic for another forum for another time! ). Anyway, she was 61 when she graduated with me in 1992!! She was also one of the smarter students of the class! I appreciated her drive to learn.

    I say do what you need and want to do. Period!

    Good luck with your decision. And hope you enjoy the bulletin board!

  4. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Welcome to All Nurses
  5. by   webblarsk
    Hello and Welcome! I think you should go for it. I don't think your ever to old to continue your studies.
  6. by   CardioTrans
    Dont ever let anyone discourage you from something that you want. When I graduated RN school there was a lady that I thought of as my second mother......... her birthday was the day before grad. She was 58. She was an excellent nurse, and is still to this day. She currently does traveling nursing and loves every min of it.

    Go for it, and welcome to allnurses!!
  7. by   RainDreamer
    Hi and welcome to allnurses!!