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  1. I am new to the forum, I have been reading it for awhile now and decide to join in on a few threads.

    I am in the US Air Force and I am a Aerospace Med Tech, which basically means I am a LPN without authority to admin narcs. I am a nationally registered EMT, CPR certified, and I have just finished one year of training. We attend class for approx 5 1/2 months and the rest is clinicals. We rotate throught the hospital and clinics and in different phases of trainning. When we first start our clinicals we are considered a phase II student and have to be under the supervision of a trained tech or provider. Then we prceed to a QT student and are authorized to work on our own in a ward or ER. I have worked in an ER, SICU, MSU, AND maybe something that none of you have got to experience, an ASF. The ASF is a Aerospacemedical Staging Facility, it is the ward in the hospital that all the wounded are admitted then transfferd to their home units. We take care of all military members comming back from the war. It is a great feeling to take care of the people making it safe for us to live our lives the way we do. I have been in the Air Force for 12 years, I have just recently cross trained into the medical field from the Secruity Forces field.

    Well enough about me, glad I joined such an outstanding field.

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    Good to have you pal!!

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    hi, i'm quite new to this but want to very much to be part of the group. It was fun and informative just by reading the different topic posted here everyday and maybe i could join into one of the forums or discussions. Savian
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