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  1. I seem to be quite illiterate when it comes to knowing where to post these items.

    I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Marylin, I am a transplanted Californinan living in Virginia. I am presently and Accounting tech in a governement office whe I am not moon lighting as an ED tech at the nearby hospital. My bosses do not see the humor in the great change in priority my life has taken, yet everytime anyone feels ill I am the one that gets called to help. I am also presently in the second Degree nursing program and with luck and help from above, I will be done by August. I never realized there was soooo much paperwork in the BSN program!!!

    I am one of those people that came into nursing late after doing a complete 360. I wanted to be a nurse out of high school but somehow that did not pan out so I took a different path. I t took going to EMT and NREMT-P to make me realize what my mom knew year's ago.. in nursing school.

    This seems like a really neat site by the way.

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    Welcome Marilyn

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    Hi Marilyn
    I also think this site is great, there's so much information here.