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  1. hi my name is anisha and i am currently doing my final year bsn in india.i have always dreamt of becoming a CRNA.could u guide me as to what are the requirements for a foreign student to get admission for crna course in a good nursing school/university in the united states.i intend to come on a student visa.could u also tell me some of the reputed nursing schools in U.S. offering CRNA course.
    thanks in advance for the guidance.keep up the gr8 work
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    You do realise that it will be expensive for you to go the US as a student. I would imagine you will need CES full report from CGFNS so they can check your training meets requirements. Also as a student you are restricted on working especially in the first year. You may find it easier to go through immigration process and find an employer as they may help towards costs and also you can work, the only downside to this at the moment is retrogression. We do have a CRNA forum which you can find under the specialty tab and there should be some information there
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    Hi Anisha, welcome to allnurses!!
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    Good luck to you!
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    Good luck in your career.