Hi everyone!

  1. How's everyone doing? Well, I just graduated from nursing school this past June. I am looking for a job now. Its actually a bit tougher than I had anticipated.
    Okay, well, don't know what else to say!
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  3. by   nurselaur
    really? What seems to be the problem? Where are you - near philly, I assume. I am hiring for a facility in Pottstown if you are interested in Psych.
  4. by   NaomieRN
    Are you serious? Are you looking for a specific area? Here in Connecticut, there are more than enough jobs for nurses. I hope you find something soon.
  5. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!
  6. by   bluePhilly17
    hi nurselaur! Thanks so much for your concern! I am actually interested in peds, specifically the nicu. I actually was offered a job in the mother/baby unit yesterday! I was very surprised considering it took more than a week for them to get back to me. I am really happy that I am going to be working soon!
  7. by   bluePhilly17
    Hi futurenurse! Yeah, the problem was that I had my daughter right after I graduated school. I still needed time to study for the boards. So, when I passed my boards I decided to start looking for jobs in the nicu. Unfortunately, most of the hospitals in the Philadelphia had already hired their graduate nurses and werent looking for any more new nurses. I got lucky though! I was offered a job yesterday!
  8. by   bluePhilly17
    Thanks tweety! Glad to be here!