hi everyone!

  1. Well, i just randomly got across this website and it immediately got my attention and interest. I am a first semester nursing student and semester's almost over (5 days to go). I figured that it would be good to sign up to an online nursing community, where i can talk and interact with thousands of nurses, students, and what not. So i say hi to everyone! i hope that i can benefit out of this... which i think i would. This is a very great resource and outlet for a rookie like me. I look forward to learn things that i can't get from the classroom. Have a merry christmas everyone!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Welcome. Good luck in your journeys in nursing.
  4. by   mbtipan06
    Hi! I was struck by your username proudpinoy....am also a pinoy nurse just signed in...welcome....hope you will strive hard to become a nurse in the near future...nursing is indeed a fulfilling profession.... good luck...
  5. by   prOud_pinOy

    i was born and raised in the philippines... but now i am here in the US. i know how it is back home... that's why i came here to the US,the land of opportunities.. i'm proud of who i am and where i come from. i'm proud of what i've become because of my culture, my heritage, my roots. i hope that every filipino feels the same way too.. goodluck to you! i hope that all your dreams come true. as long as u put ur heart and mind into it, u can do it! there's nothing impossible with hardwork, perseverance, humility, and faith.
  6. by   MMBWRKNG40
    Welcome Pinoy

    Good luck with your schooling and this site will be a great asset to you.