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  1. Hi, My first time here. I am an LPN who was recently Dx with HCV. I am currently working in LTC on the night shift. I have started treatment which is difficult but was trying to get thorouh without telling anyone. I had to miss work due to side effects and was told that even with a Dr note this counts against me. So I told my unit manager that I had an illness and was recieving Chemo so maybe she would understand that I might be unable to work occasionally. She stated she would be very support and try to help me as much as possible. I have been at my current job for 11 months. They always told me how wonderful I was and how glad they were I was working for them. UNTIL!!!!
    3 weeks after telling her I was sick. The supervisor came on the unit and told me she had found a Neb machine running. I had been the nurse on the hall, so I appologized and said I would try to not let it happen again. 5 days later I was given a verbal warning re: the issue but it was written in such a way it made sound like a danger to the patients. It stated the MASK was WRAPPED around the patients neck. The patient does not move independently and if the mask slipped off her face it would have been loosely hanging on her neck. I then was put out of work for 2 weeks by my DR for anxiety issues which required 2 visits to the ER for severe panic, but that is a whole other story. While I was out they decided to change the original warning to a FINAL warning because of the probable harm to the patient. I was never notified and found it on my e-mail when I returned to work. I still have not told anyone except a few freinds at work of my HCV status. OSHA states I can work as long as I'm not involved in any invasive procedures and I use universal precautions. I don't know if my DX has gotten back to them because it seems to me they are really trying to get me out the door. I'm 1 month short of filing for FMLA, which wouldn't help with the write up anyway. My question is what is my legal responsibilty on reporting my DX to my employer. I get alot of conflicting advise. I'm in FL which is a right to work state and there is little to no job protection. Anyone with similar situation out there? I'm so scared right now my anxiety level is through the roof. Losing my job means losing insurance. Maybe losing my home. I'm single, self supportive. Any input please!!!!!:uhoh21:
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