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  1. I just passed the nclex yesterday and I'm sure this is a very common question, where should I start? I have numerous friends that are RN's already and have the opportunity to possibly work ED, acute rehab, or med/surg. I only currently have an associates degree and my AHA BLS. I was thinking about taking the ACLS class next month as I'm very interested in cardiac care\cath lab, any thoughts on the benefits of the extra certification? I plan on pursuing a bachelor's degree starting in January especially since I have most of the other extra classes from a previous degree, I just don't want to be starting off in a new career field that's going to be requiring my total attention and commit to more classes while orienting and honing what other basic nursing skills that are lacking.
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  3. by   Rose_Queen
    Welcome to AN! You're going to want to get out there applying for jobs. It's great you want to go back to school, but you definitely don't want to delay your career. New nurses fresh out of school likely are going to be considered for a position over a "stale" new grad who isn't fresh from school and doesn't have any nursing experience. You have time to find a job and start settling in before you'd start classes. As for ACLS, if it's a requirement of the job, the employer is likely to pay for it and provide the time to go.
  4. by   nick62
    Thank you for the response, I looked through the ACLS algorithms and they appear to be the same procedural steps we were taught in our med surg 3 class anyways. I'll start pounding the pavement for jobs as soon as I have spinal surgery ( I hurt it squatting right before I started nursing school, and 5he MRI'S have gotten progressively worse), which shouldn't be an issue, we have a large shortage of nurses in our area (chicagoland/nwi).