Hi everybody!!!!

  1. Hi everybody!!
    I'm CHEEZEE..a 29 year old filipina nurse.. outgoing, friendly, impulsive, serious but mischievous, sweet & very romantic...does anyone know or heard about kernan hospital in Baltimore?? I need your comments about this hospital.. a million thanx!!
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    :spin: Hello Everybody!!!
    I'm Cheezee, a 29 year old filipina nurse...I'm workin at the surgical ICU for a couple of months now... I'm outgoing, friendly, enthusiastic...serious but mischievous!! I'm sweet & romantic. I don't get mad. I just get even!!!
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    have you checked out the forum for Maryland, they may be able to help you regarding this hospital
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    Welcome to Allnurses. Good luck to you.
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    hey cheezes did you get hire at kernan hospital i apply for several position including student nurse. i am a senior nursing rn student and i just recently move in walking distance from this hospital so this will be the perfect place to work but ever time i call in reference to my application they tell me the same thing if the manager is interested she will call you. i have the grades and i am very caring, polite and serious about life, i decided to come on this websites to look for a current or past employee that made speak to them on my behave please email me back at jakoi00@student.coppin.edu