Hi everybody!

  1. My name is Sapina from Kiribati. I'm working temporarily as a nurse educator at the Kiribati School of Nursing. You might wonder where Kiribati is, north of Fiji right on the Equator. I found this website while searching for intramuscular injection site on google website.
    Nice to meet you and God bless you all
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    Nice to meet you. Welcome! I hope you post often and share your experiences and knowledge.
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    Hi all I'm Tona I am from Nebraska I work at a small town nursing home\ rehabilitation center. I am currently taking LPN-C classes and was looking for some info to help assist me with these. I've been in nursing since I was 16 yo. Any help or advice would be great. enguin:
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    Welcome to allnurses.com! Nice to meet you.

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    Welcome to allnurses Pina