Hi, Any suggestions 4 new kid on the block?

  1. Hey Everybody:

    I am a new pre-nursing student. I have all prerequisites for entering an ADN or BSN program. I have been told that (with my grades and experience) I am a likely candidate for the 07 programs both at my local community college and at the university. Here is my question/dilema...I am try to decide if it was that I am accepted to both programs where should I hedge towards considering that ultimately I would like to work as either flight nurse or burn specialist?
    I at present have a B.A. in Spanish Translation & Business. (lived and worked in both Mexico and Puerto Rico for 2 yrs). It is my understanding that some schools will offer a type of 'fast track MSN' if I go on to get my ADN and transfer into the fast track with the BA or would going to the university completing the BSN-working mabey in ICU or ER and then seek out a MSN at a later date.

    At present I am calling hospitals and schools to inquire their requirements for hiring for those departments (if they require a BSN or an ADN) and calling to schools to see what type of transfer programs they offer and what can be expected at programs completion as far as job opportunities.

    Schools I am looking to enter COD, NIU, LOYOLA
    I am a mid 30's male in the DuPage couty area


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  3. by   Tweety
    At this point getting your BSN and your ADN will probably take the same amount of time, so why not get your BSN out of the way now. You might want to use it later on down the line. Flight nurse jobs tend to be given to nurses with experience (and sometimes it more who you know) rather than degree. For example many years experience in a level I or II trauma center might get you in with an ADN. But they are competetive to BSNs might be looked on more favorable.

    Burn nurses are typically crtically care trained nurses and ADNs can do that.
  4. by   flyhigh&fixuup
    Thanks Tweety:
    My Wife who is a Ped's P.T. is leaning towards the BSN direction also. Due to competitiveness she says it would be the smarter of the 2 choices.