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Hello everyone; My Name is Edith and I am a nursing student or soon to be nursing student in Washington and in need of a place to get advise and encouragment to make it through this. I am a mom... Read More

  1. by   CHATSDALE
    there is light at the end of every tunnel...congrats
  2. by   valkyria
    welcome to all new nursing students and all new nurses. you have embarked on an adventure. this is not just a career and more that a profession. this is a calling, an obsession, it has to be deep within you and always with you. you will be more tired some days than you ever thought possible. some days you will ask yourself, "why did i do this?" you will tell yourself, "there has got to be an easier way to pay my bills." but i hope with all my heart, you will have many more days that you tell yourself, " i am glad that i am a nurse." i hope for you that you never forget the first time a patient tells you,"are you going to be my nurse tomorrow, oh good." the first time a doctor refers to you as "nurse", the first time a family member hugs you and says," i am so glad you were there for my mom." and so many more. this is not an easy thing to do and yes there are easier ways to pay your bills and yes you will have patients that make you crazy and make you cry and make you scream out loud. but i hope for you that you never take those times of darkness into your heart and turn away from nursing. we need all the light we can get. we need all the idealistic nursing students that become seasoned nurses and learned professors. we need as many angels as we can hold on to. we need you.