Hi, all! I'm a newbie too!

  1. Hey, how goes it? I'm am a newly registered nurse in Sydney Australia. I am totally loving nursing, and I can say with certainty that I will be a nurse forever! I like doing weights, not what you'd call buff, but I try! I also enjoy reading novels , which at the moment I'm stuck with Bryce Courtenay and Brother Fish, not too shabby and a lot of history which I love. Straight as an arrow, Strong as an Ox, Honest as the day is long! Lover not a fighter!
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    Welcome! Nice to meet you!
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    Welcome! Good to have ya!
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    Welcome to All Nurses
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    I'm glad you love your job. I'm a student and work nights as a carer in Adelaide. Have you ever read Ursula LeGuin - The Dispossessed? My favourite book ever... political science fiction... Cheers Read On!!
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    Hey, I have read most of Tom Clancy's books and love them. I will keep on the lookout for the book you mentioned, Thankyou! I might suggest a book to those who like to find a perspective of medicine and nursing that is a good laugh. Its called House of God. It was suggested to me by a well read doctor and I found it tremendous in its description of the field.