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  1. hello,
    i'm niese...
    i just became a member to this forum as a way to reconnect with the nursing public i recently began graduate studies toward my acnp-fnp, and i didn't realize how much i don't know about school anymore... anyway, as a part of the required torture is to take an advanced research class (quite painful i might add... so... our group designed a short survey in order to gather information for a spectacular presentation !!! there are no identifiers, no tracking, nothing that would violate hippa, just a few questions...sooo...if you want to : [font='times new roman']http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.asp?u=725472702275
    [font='times new roman']
    [font='times new roman']thanks, and i hope to chat with ya soon !!
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  3. by   Tweety
    Good luck. Hopefully you'll get some takers.
  4. by   dagrn08
    Thanks, I appreciate it !!!
  5. by   traumaRUs
    Okay - I did it. I feel for ya - research was my absolutely worst, most boring, tedious course I've taken in my life.
  6. by   dagrn08
    Yep...the pain of research IS tremendous !!! Tee Hee ...I think I'll get through it though.. Either that, or develop a serious addiction to Ben & Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream!!
  7. by   sirI
    hello, dagrn08 and welcome to allnurses.com

    i completed the survey as well.

    enjoy the site here at allnurses.