1. Hello everyone.

    I've been receiving the newsletter for a little while now and occasionally read the forums when I see something interesting pop up, and so today I decided to register.

    A little about me....I initially received my LPN training in the military and took the state boards back in 1989. Worked at a small doctors office and then found a job on an ortho/neuro ward a few months later. I stayed there for a little over 5 years and back in 1996, I quit my job to stay home with my children. I decided to go back to work about a year and a half ago and so I took a required refresher course for my state, and now I work in a LTC facility. I have been there since March. I also recently signed up for the RN program....ordered books from the College Network and plan on going thru Excelsior College. Still waiting for all of my study guides to arrive. :chuckle

    The reason I have gone this route is that I work full-time swingshift, I have 2 children that I have joint custody of, and I really need to be here for my children when they need me so studying at home will be the only way I can ever get my RN at this point rather then going back to my local college. While I study, I am going to really try and apply what I am learning on the job as much as I am able and am allowed to do and hope that will help me put theory into practice. Already, my role as an LPN in LTC is far greater then the role I played at the hospital, which has been a big adjustment for me.....I was so used to leaning on the RN's at the hospital when problems came up and now that person is ME! lol I was also very fortunate while working at the hospital to have worked with a WONDERFUL RN who also happened to be not only a floor nurse, but my direct superviser. She will forever be a role model to me in nursing even though she is now retired.

    Anyway, I think that is the long and short of it for now. I hope to be able to make new friends here and learn more from all of you and hopefully be able to contribute myself here and there as well.

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    Welcome to the group. Glad that you finally signed up so that you can post.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    Welcome to the group. Glad that you finally signed up so that you can post.
    Thank you Suzanne.
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    Welcome to the gang!
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    [font=Comic Sans MS]G'day. From Garry (obviously an Aussie), an R.N..