1. Hi Everyone

    Just wanted to introduce myself!

    I'm not a nurse but thought this website might be of use to me as i have a premature baby in hospital right now where he has been since he was born nearly 5 months ago. He's had a variety of problems including being vented for 10 wks, Chronic Lung Disease, IVH, NEC, PDA ligation, respiratory failure, Pneumatacele and he is still currenlty on steriods for the CLD. If his O2 requirments do not stabalise(he is currently in 1.25-3 litres low flow) they may have to drain the Pneumatacele.
    Anyway, sorry to be a bit morbid, even after all this i can smile, occasionally.
    Thanks for listening!

    Catherine xx
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Hi Catherine - so sorry your baby is so sick.