1. Hello to all on allnurses,

    I'm a mature student in my 1st year of a 4 year midwifery degree. This is a direct entry course so I don't have a general nursing qualification. It is the first year that this course has been available in Ireland and I was extremely lucky to be offered a place. I have always wanted to be in the nursing profession but it was only after having children of my own that I considered Midwifery, and I love it. I have been privileged to assist a mother in bringing her baby into the world and what it did was confirm, for me, that I had made the right choice.........
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    Good luck to you. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Welcome to All Nurses; we're glad you're here!
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    Thanks all for the welcome! I have told the rest of the Midwifery Students on my course about the site.........so you may be inundated with us in the next few weeks! It will be good for us to get other perspectives on our chosen profession, and maybe some advancement in holistic care that we haven't seen here yet!:smilecoffeecup:
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    Wishing you all the best in your chosen profession.
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    Quote from board_taker

    Wishing you all the best in your chosen profession.
    Welcome to you, too, board taker!
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    Hope you find it useful, it is a great site, please do spread the word, would be nice to see some more posting from this neck of the woods
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    Hi too!! New but have been "lurking" for a while lol:chuckle
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    To Silverdragon102,
    Wishing you good luck with the move!

    To the other new members, check out the journals, spent a couple of hours reading yesterday! very interesting.
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    Hi and welcome to allnurses!

    This site is awesome and so helpful while in school, spread the word, we're glad you're here!