1. hi everyone... i'm 37 and a SAHM with a master's degree in plant physiology. i have two kids (3 and 1.5) and my husband will be applying for professor jobs in the fall. i used to teach community college biology too. i'm hoping to start nursing school in about 2 years but am going to begin any pre-reqs that i took too long ago or that i still need (not many!!). i'd love to get any advice about BSN or accelerated BSN programs, and suggestions for any other pre-nursing school message boards (don't want to bug the current nurses). i can't really focus on any school and it's requirements/advantages/disadvantages yet since i'm at the mercy of where my DH gets a job.

    i'm hoping to go into nursing b/c i'd like a career in the medical field, one that has the option for more education, changes, and advancement. one where i'd help people and see new stuff all the time (i get bored easily!!) and also one that pays well and offers me a good skill that i can use almost anywhere should i need to support my family by myself. don't get me wrong, staying home with the munchkins is great! but i'm ready for some adult conversations over coffee if you know what i mean:roll .

    any advice and other websites for info/boards would be great! i have only been looking at this one and discovernursing.com. i'm looking for all outlets of info. TIA for your responses to my future posts! :flowersfo
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    Good luck. Welcome to Allnurses!