Hey people - I'm new!!!

  1. I just started nursing school and so far love it. I've read many of the posts on thi swebsite and find them very enlightening and informative. Hopefull nursing is as bad as many of you have made it out to be.
    I'm in Kansas City and have wanted to be in the medical field one way or another for many years. I'm so glad I'm finally getting my chance.

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    Welcome to the BB Mike!
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    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome, Mike!
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    Welcome to our little group................
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    Hi there, Michael and welcome to Allnurses !

    Stick around... there's enough knowledge, info, experience, and laughs here to get to where you want to go !

    Welcome aboard.
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    Hiya Michael...welcome!
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    Thanks all for your warm welcomes - I'm glad to be here!