Hey, newbie here!!

  1. Just want to say hi to everybody!! i am new but don't feel new because i have been lurking for some time now. I am currently going through the LPN program at my school. i like coming here and reading about peoples experiences while in school. i graduate in may and i WILL pass the NCLEX-PN!! my sister is an rn working on getting her msn. we both work at the same nursing home. she is the ADON and i am the medical records/mds assistant. well anyway, just wanted to say hey and introduce myself!
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  3. by   suebird3
    Hi, Ang! Welcome to allnurses! Hope you enjoy yourself.

  4. by   Blackcat99
    Hi Angelaspn. Welcome!!!!
  5. by   RainDreamer
    Hi Angela, welcome to allnurses!! Good to see that you decided to join us, glad to have you here!!
  6. by   Jessy_RN
    hello and welcome to the wonderful family of allnurses.com. enjoy your stay, and best of luck to you.