Hey everybody!

  1. I'm actually not a nurse, or a nursing student, or a nurse aide for that matter; I'm a student of respiratory therapy. One day, realizing that no one could understand a word I was saying about school, save for those in allied health professions, I started browsing here, and realized all of your rants about patients and school are pretty much the same as mine, so I figured I'd sign up and toss my two cents in from the resp. department (generally a closet-sized room) every now and then. See everyone around the forums!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    welcome to the site
  4. by   Diary/Dairy

    Glad to have you here. Glad to have another opinion!
  5. by   Tweety
    Nice to meet you.
  6. by   bethin
    Welcome! I think it will be valuable to have a resp. therapist here.

    Best of luck in your studies!
  7. by   RainDreamer
    Hi and welcome to allnurses! It's great to have you here!