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    Hey, this is kind of scary so here goes, my names Jennifer and Im a nursing student from England. Im in my 2nd yr and have to yrs left till I qualify. Im doing adult nursing and dont really know in which specific area I want to work. I love Jimmy Carr, the league of Gentlemen and Ross Noble.
    My uni is in Buckinghamshire, which is all so where I live. so I guess thats a-bout it really.....
    Oh yeh, and this sites great
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  3. by   Renee' Y-Y
    ICU!! ICU!! I went in to ICU nursing at the ripe old age of 22 when I finished nursing school. I am now 40 & doing nursing education. ICU nursing is great fun & full of challenge. It definitely is more a "young nurse" field than an "old nurse" field...even though there are still plenty of "oldies" doing it. Just one word of advice...get ready for the stress for the first couple of years, as there is definitely ALOT to learn that school doesn't really even touch on...besides, ICU patients are usually too sick to give you too much of a hard time...
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    welcome! Look forward to seeing you around on the BB.
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    Welcome. Don't be afraid. We don't bite.